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What I really want to do is share my bucket list. I actually have multiple bucket lists…there are some things that I hope to check off within the year, some that I think I can do within 2, 5 or 10 years, and others that I hope to accomplish within my lifetime. I also have a bucket list of things I don’t actually expect to get to, and another one of things I’ve already accomplished. Normally, I would have posted my bucket lists by now and then spent multiple posts describing my various goals in more detail. The only reason I haven’t yet is because of one little 3-minute-long video called “Keep Your Goals to Yourself” that I can’t get out of my head.

It all started a few weeks ago when I went to a website called that a friend of mine had told me about when I was in Alaska. TED is a non-profit devoted to “ideas worth spreading.” Basically it is a site full of presentations and lectures that people have given covering a huge range of topics. I spent a couple hours browsing through videos and learning about everything from the sources of our drinking water to ancient Japanese musical styles. Some of the videos were interesting and some were simply a waste of time (like the one that taught be how to tie my shoes “the right way”). But there was one video that inspired, concerned, and intrigued me more than the others. Take a minute to watch it for yourself before I go on.

I can think of multiple instances in my past when I had a goal, I shared it with many people (usually within hours of setting the goal and always with much passion and enthusiasm), and then I moved on or gave up before taking further steps to reach my goal. I know what Derek Sivers means when he talks about the feeling of accomplishment that comes from just sharing my goal out loud. And this is why I’m hesitant to share my bucket lists. I don’t want to put everything down “on paper”, spend time composing long posts romanticizing many of my goals, feel like people have heard me out and that I have done a good job of explaining why I want to do this or that, and then never actually get out and do it! Truthfully, I don’t actually think that including my bucket lists in my blog means that I will never cross any of the items off, but this video did make me think about how I can share my goals in the most deliberate way possible.

There is one other thing that comes to mind when I think about sharing my bucket lists with others. Recently a friend of mine stated “I feel like sometimes people do things just so they can take pictures and then brag about doing them to everyone they meet.” This comment struck a chord in me because I do take a lot of pictures, especially when I am accomplishing a goal that I had set for myself, and then I usually post my pictures on Facebook to share my experience with others. I know this is a very normal practice, but it still made me think harder about the motivation behind my bucket lists. I want my goals to be for myself, and not for everyone else. In my opinion, a bucket list should consist of activities and goals that a person feels will enrich their life, bring them joy, and help them grow. I look forward to sharing the beauty and joy that results from doing many of the things on my bucket lists, but that is not my primary reason for doing them.

I will share my bucket lists in posts to come. But when I do, I will make a conscious effort to take myself seriously, remind myself of the most sincere reasons for wanting to accomplish my goals, and find ways to keep working toward my goals so that one day I can check them off my lists. Derek Sivers, I accept the challenge.




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