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Can’t live with them, can’t live…oh wait, we did live without them for thousands of years! Sorry, I’m just frustrated because I spent almost two hours writing a post last night only to have my computer freeze up on me when I pressed the “Post” button. After waiting a good 15 minutes, I finally determined I needed to “Force Quit” my internet and just hope that my post had posted. Well guess what, it hadn’t. So rather than write another post late last night, and potentially regret all of the curse words on my blog when I woke up this morning, I went to bed and am posting now. It is the classic computer trick…delete someone’s writing that they spent hours of time on…and it never ceases to drive me crazy. I do believe that everything happens for a reason, so I like to think that for some crazy reason I was not supposed to post what I wrote about last night. Maybe when I do finally post about it the timing will be perfect and it will influence someone in a way that I could not have planned. I’m feeling better already. Since “computers” don’t show up on any of my current lists, I think I’ll start a new one:

Pet Peeves
When your computer erases something that took you hours to write

P.S. I plan to write another post later tonight in order to stay on track for PostADay2011…hopefully this one won’t freeze up on me!


How is it that I had never heard of To be honest, I can’t remember exactly how I happened upon the website last night, but I do know that I proceeded to waste about 3 of my last 24 hours joining groups, browsing upcoming events, and reading about peoples’ experiences at past events. Turns out both my best friend and my mother have known about the site for years, but had never thought to mention it to me. So am I the only one who was in the dark? I love the concept of this website, and it fits for where I am in life. A place to make friends, invite yourself to cool events, and explore more of Portland.

This evening I had the unique pleasure of bouldering at a gym and then drinking beer with about 10 strangers from all different walks of life. It was an enjoyable night; great to get bouldering tips and have a group cheering me on at every problem, and nice to feel a part of a group at a local hip bar. However, I must confess that the realities of this unique social scene set in pretty quickly. First of all, it was almost all men at the meetup. I’m not complaining, but I was surprised and a bit intimidated at first. Second, these people didn’t know me so I felt I had to have my gameface on the whole time. The night was full of small talk, introductions, and polite nods. It was a great group of people…but friendship takes time, and tonight it was all pleasantries. Finally, it occured to me about halfway through the night that I had not completely thought through the types of people who might show up for a “meetup”. I mean, I was really excited about going to this event, and somehow I had assumed that if anything I would feel intimidated by all the cool people who meet up with strangers to rock climb, hike, camp, etc. I had failed to make the somewhat obvious comparison between “meetups” and online dating. I guess it makes sense that many people who show up to social “meetups” would be single like me, and potentially “on the prowl”. Again, not a deal breaker or anything, just something I had failed to think through. In the end, meetups retain a unique quality because anyone can, and will, show up; whereas we usually choose our friends and invite only those we know we like when we make plans to hangout. I still think they are a great idea, and I look forward to trying out more in the months to come. was not the only website that I discovered between my last post and now. I let myself finally take a peek at this afternoon (I had been told it was addictive), and a friend’s blog led me to check out too. Mostly though I discovered that if I wanted to, I could fill every day by just reading other people’s blogs. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything the internet has to offer. On a daily basis, I try to imagine what my life would be like if the internet (and cell phones) did not exist. I literally can’t imagine it. It frightens me to think about how dependent I have become on something inanimate and how much it has altered the way I spend my time and view my world. This could be a very depressing thought, but I’ll try to stay positive. I want to appreciate the knowledge, art, and opportunities that I do experience through the internet, and not just bemoan that fact that I’ll never know or see it all. All this to say that I look forward to discovering and sharing even more than I had imagined through this blog.

Now for some related lists! (The firsts of many)

Websites I Visit Often                     
Wells Fargo
Living Social
Running in the USA

Websites I Want to Visit More Often
Friends’ blogs
PDX Pipeline

Please suggest other worthy, interesting websites that you visit regularly! But please nothing news/politics/economics/recipe related 🙂 Thank you!



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